BBC Skillswise: Online Classes for Adults

BBC Skillswise: Online Classes for Adults

BBC Skillswise: Online Classes for AdultsSkillswise is a website developed by the BBC for adults who wish to further improve their core knowledge in language, math and sciences.

An impressive variety of programs offer adult students updated and/or basic knowledge, which can often mean the difference between a promotion or landing a better job versus stalemate employment. A boost in confidence for personal gain can also be a good reason to “attend” a class at BBC Learning. Employers recognize Skillswise course-work as an equivalent to GCSE.

The online, interactive programs consist of factsheets, fun and challenging games that aid in learning and studying, worksheets to keep organization and order and quizzes to test the learning experience. Skillswise offers grammar, spelling, reading, listening, writing and vocabulary, and in mathematics, temperature, whole numbers, measures, shapes and spaces, fractions and decimals and data handling.

Skillswise also offers online information and guidance for tutors, including, but limited to, lesson plans, materials and student tracking systems.

Skillswise was developed by the BBC in conjunction with the Basic Skills Agency for England and Wales, the Learning Connections/ Scotland and a host of talented teachers and professors. The site is based upon the Adult and Literacy and Numeracy Core Curriculums for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For Scotland, there are some approved classes available now, and the full programs are in the making to meet proper standards for Scotland.

Level 1 of the new curriculums for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which denotes the level of the newest national testing requirements, is what is set forth in the development of Skillswise. This equates to Intermediate 1 in Scotland.

As an example of the studies, Scanning, a fast reading technique, is one of the courses offered in reading and words courses. To begin, the student clicks on Factsheet 1 and a window pops up with a reading assignment. These are short, to the point and easy to read. All factsheets are immediately printable, too. Then there are quizzes, games and worksheets for each subject in Skillswise.

Another area of the BBC Learning programs offers remote, online audio and video language courses. Currently, there is French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Chinese. In addition, one can learn essential phrases in 36 languages, handy for travelers and business people.

Under BBC’s Learning division, Skillswise is not the only accredited course study available. Under its three categories in Learning, one can attend the BBC Learning Center at Gloucestershire where RAW, WEBWISE AND SKILLSWISE programs are all offered.

There are seemingly endless pages and links to explore on the BBC website, and course study, tutoring and adult freshening classes are concise, up-to-date and fun ways to learn from your home or office.

For a complete listing and detailed information for students, adults and tutors, about all of the BBC’s Learning programs, visit

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